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7:30pm, Thurs 21st Feb

7:30pm, Fri 22nd Feb

2:30pm, Sat 23rd Feb

7:30pm, Sat 23rd Feb

The Sinden Theatre

Tickets on sale now from TicketSource and in person from Advantec Computing in Tenterden, and over the phone from The Sinden Theatre: 01580 763826

A Stephen Sondheim smash-hit, Follies is a classic tale of love, betrayal and regret – plus a lot of feathers and sequins thrown into the mix! In the 1920s and 30s, the Weismann Theatre was certainly rich with colourful Roaring 20s vim and vigour in the form of the Weismann Follies.

Beautiful and talented sequin-clad showgirls performed every evening to the delight of American Broadway socialites. Two couples find blissful love in tyrannous circumstances, and although unconventional, all seems good with the world. Fast-forward to 1971. The Weismann Theatre is due for demolition to make space for a parking lot, and the original Follies girls have gathered for a reunion-come-final send off for their beloved theatre. After over 30 years of no contact, how will the former Follies fare with meeting again? Whose doing what with their lives? Who’s made it in ‘the biz’? Will they be consumed by ghostly memories? Will old tensions come to a head? And — most importantly — have they still got what it takes for one more night of performing their former show?

The story follows two couples — Buddy and Sally Durant Plummer, and Benjamin and Phyllis Rogers Stone — both unhappy in their marriages and filled with regret. Filled with sudden longing for the past upon their return to the theatre how will they cope with the reality of their situation: Sally is in love with Ben, Buddy is having an affair, Ben throws himself into his work, and Phyllis regrets molding her personality to Ben’ wishes. With old memories looming and the ghost of the past haunting them, can these two couples resolve their differences whilst performing like the good old days?

Follies will be directed by Louisa Nelson-Chambers, and will be performed in the Sinden Theatre on 21st-23rd February 2019.

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